The Car JoeMeZ Podcast

Episode 59: Happy Birthday Joe!

September 16, 2017

This week your double main men tackle these hard hitting subjects:

THE TICK, Joe’s trip to the west coast for Power Con, Joe vs. Hurricane Irma, Amber alerts, Unspoken rule of no jerking off in a hotel with another man, Rene Russo vs Meg Ryan, Stupid shit Skip Bayless says, Joe gives a scorching hot take, apparently Rotten tomatoes is ruining Hollywood, this week in Funko Pop, Comic Con sucks now, Taylor Swifts new music, Jennifer Aniston, drugs in baseball, week 1 in the NFL, Fox Sports is stupid, SiriusXM radio, WWE Network,  The Sopranos, the passing of Frank Vincent, new shows we’re watching, how TV watching has changed the new TV shows are made, South Park, Rick and Morty, and then we wrap it all up with the Big Finish; Top 3 Marvel Villains.