The Car JoeMeZ Podcast

Episode 51: Movie Catch Up

June 1, 2017

This week we babble about Handsome Hockey Harry's Stanley Cup predictions, Gomez not giving a shit about the Islanders, why haven’t the Rangers won anything in over 20 years if the NHL cheats, Mike Trout’s injury, enjoying sports greatness, Joe really hates the mixing of military and sports, the Bryce Harper fight, were Limp Bizkit the biggest band, not giving a shit about last week's new release movies (BAYWATCH & PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN), LOGAN NOIR, xXx: THE RETURN OF XANDER CAGE, Gronk, the forgotten greatness of THE OFFICE, KIMMY SCHMIDT, MASTER OF NONE, Millie Bobby Brown as X-23, The episode of WHO’S THE BOSS where Alyssa Milano gets her first bra, disrespectful companies that don’t finish releasing a TV Show on DVD, the episode of DIFFERENT STROKES where Dudley gets molested by the bicycle store guy, the HBO series DREAM ON, The live action BEAUTY AND THE BEAST remake and how Gaston is the real hero of the film. Then we wrap it all up with the Big Finish; Top 3 The Offspring songs