Episode 50: He-Man

May 24, 2017

This week we babble about Joe not dying from rubella, the Stanley Cup Playoffs, Limp Bizkit being the being the best rock band during their peek, a game of Fuck, Marry, Kill. Then Joe drops mad nerd knowledge about all things He-Man. And of course we end the show with the Big Finish; Top 3 Justin Bieber songs!!


Episode 49: The Show About Nothing

May 19, 2017

This week we babble about nothing. We just turn on the mics and bullshit for a little bit.


Episode 48: Guardians of the Galaxy

May 12, 2017

This week we babble about the Stanley Cup playoffs, NBA playoffs, The Big 3 basketball league, and all things GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL 1 & 2 along with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And then we wrap it all up with The Big Finish; Top 3 Slurpee flavors.


Episode 47: Robocop

May 6, 2017

This week we babble about the NHL Playoffs, Netflix's Iron Fist, binge TV culture, never watching live TV, Robocop 1, 2, 3 and the 2014 remake. Then we wrap it all up with the Big Finish; Top 3 Christina Aguilera songs.


Episode 46: Purple Rain

April 27, 2017

We talk about all of the things this week! Our "Previously On..." segment is a clip from the original THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS. We begin with some follow-up on the NHL Playoffs and why Joe says the comparison between Sidney Crosby and Alexander Ovechkin should be put to rest. Ovechkin then gets compared to Carmelo Anthony and the guys talk about how important a championship is to a Hall of Fame resume. They talk about the semi-recent fad of star players bouncing around on teams near the end of their careers to chase a ring. Dan Marino versus Drew Brees: who you got? Derek Jeter and Jeb Bush buy the Marlins. We update you on Jimmer Fredette and Stephon Marbury's Chinese Adventures. Would you like to be the MVP of China? Joe wants to be the White Mamba. Jimmer Fredette vs. Eric Thames: who you got? Is Ichiro the real hit king? How do we fix baseball? Gomez is a stupid liar. We watch and discuss the greatness of PURPLE RAIN and remember the genius of Prince. Do Morris Day and Jerome steal the show? Apollonia vs. Samantha Fox: who you got? Prince's dad wants to talk to Samson. Prince makes Batman sound sexy. Should Taylor Swift do the soundtrack for BLACK PANTHER? Prom night dumpsters. NKOTB vs. The Time: who you got? Don't send us angry nudes. Prince is dead ass about being purified in the waters of Lake Minnetonka. Prince lives the gimmick...and also at home. Prince vs. Lamar Latrell: who you got? Joe wants a brass waterbed. How did the new Netflix show 13 REASONS WHY get made? Poor Wendy and Lisa. Did The Kid spend the rest of his life in that club? How does the movie stack up on our main man standings? PURPLE RAIN vs. SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER: who you got? The Big Finish: Top 3 Wrestling Managers! Joe tells some old wrestling locker room stories including when he wrestled legendary tag team: DEMOLITION! Like us on Facebook facebook.com/carjoemez! Twitter: @CarJoeMez, e-mail CarJoemez@gmail.com.


Episode 45: Fate of the Furious

April 23, 2017

This week we babble about the NHL Playoffs, The Mets, all things Fast and Furious and then we wrap it up with the Big Finish; Top 3 Van Halen songs.

(Episode is a few minutes short this week due to some audio issues on Gomez's end during the opening segment. You missed Joe's story about eating like a fat bastard at the Miami Marlins game. I'll make him tell it again next episode)


Episode 44: Mighty Ducks

April 16, 2017

This week we open the show by babbling about the NHL Playoffs, Sonic the Hedgehog’s popularity, United Airlines dragging a passenger off a plane and Joe gets really angry about baseball jerseys. Then we get into all things Mighty Ducks before wrapping everything up with The Big Finish; Top 3 Pop Tart flavors.


Episode 43: A League of Their Own

April 7, 2017

This week we babble about Joe's trip to Universal Studios, WRESTLEMANIA and the baseball movie classic A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN. We preview the baseball season and then wrap it all up with The Big Finish; Top 3 Blink 182 songs.


Episode 42: Power Rangers

March 31, 2017

This week we babble about Joe's bathroom troubles, how much a newborn baby is worth, why storks suck as a baby delivering service, the new POWER RANGERS movie (as well as a little bit of the original series and movie). And then we wrap it up with the Big Finish; Top 3 Board Games.


Episode 41: Jean-Claude Van Damme

March 25, 2017

This week we babble about the World Baseball Classic, the greatness that is Jean-Claude Van Damme and then we wrap it all up with The Big Finish; Top 3 Guns N Roses songs.